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We do our best to work in a way that suits your agency. If you’re bringing up a volume of clients or MMR, then we’re open to customizing our internal processes to better serve you and your clients.

White Label Process


What are your client's goals?

01 Preliminary Evaluation

It’s important that SEO campaigns get results. We’ll analyze the potential / existing client to make sure that we’d be able to deliver the results that they’re looking for with the budget that they have.

You probably agree with us when we say there’s no point in starting a campaign you know will fail from the start. It may sound nice to get a $5,000 a month client, but if their goals are unrealistic with their budget and they won’t budge - we can’t help them.

We just need to know:

  • Their goals
  • Their website
  • Budget we'll have

Custom SEO strategies

02 Your custom blueprint

The blueprint is where we create a custom strategy that’s designed for reaching the goals of the client. As far as we’re aware, we are the only SEO agency offering completely custom campaigns at scale. Why do this? Why not just some package?

Packages are great for selling in volume but not too great at consistently getting results. It’s often the nuances in a campaign that determine if it’s successful.

Since the campaigns are designed for generating results for its individual client, based on their competitive landscape, digital assets, and goals, we’ve been see results in half the time it takes most other agencies. We’re also getting used to seeing a 2-5x ROI after just 2-3 months.

Sit back and watch us work for you

03 Execution

We recommend offering the Blueprint as a one-off service rather than tying it into a retainer, but the choice is yours! After the Blueprint is approved, we’ll start handling the execution of the strategy. At all times, you’ll have access to our shared project management folder through Google Drive. We recommend sharing this folder with your client, but the choice is yours!

With any big changes, such as onsite or adding content, we’ll ask for your approval so that we know both you and the client agree with the changes we propose. On average, partners are spending 1-2 hours per month on each client. Mostly forwarding emails, meetings about reports, and meeting with their clients.

Add whatever markup you want, but remember - retention beats immediate cash!

04 Pricing


Based on the client, we’ll quote you a price. The price of the Blueprint changes based on

  • The number of current web pages
  • The number of current backlinks
  • The number of locations (for local SEO)
  • Size of competitor link profiles

The Blueprint quote can also depend on scope. Just as a client wanting weekly blog posts, dozens of web pages, or any number of things that occur on a case by case basis.

From here, you can charge whatever you want. We’ve had partners add up to a 300% markup!


Since the Blueprint creates the step-by-step strategy, we’ll need to know what budget we’ll be working with beforehand. What you retain from your client’s budget is up to you, but we recommend 30-50% depending on the niche, location, and scope. Our minimum per client is $1,000 so clients should have minimum budgets of $1,300 - $1,500.

Please keep in mind that what you retain should have the client’s best interests in mind. If they’re a $5,000 client and we have a $1,000 budget to work with, a 10x ROI with our budget would only be a 2x ROI for the client, and their retention isn’t likely to be high.

Why should you white label with us?

Offering SEO to your clients is a great way to skyrocket your monthly recurring revenue and increase client retention. But to acquire SEO skills, you have a couple of options:

Learn SEO yourself

Join the agency partnership

Hire your own team

Outsource your SEO

Learn SEO yourself

SEO is fun! You get to spend hours analyzing data, tracking progress, and consistently keeping up with an industry that changes on a weekly basis.

But, you probably don’t want to spend the hundreds to thousands of hours learning how to do this stuff (just for a lot of it to change every year) as well as debug any mistakes you make. Not to mention the tens of thousands you’ll spend on courses.

Why not work with an agency that's already experienced?

Hire your own team

SEO is time intensive. A single person can only handle a couple of clients. You could hire a team to handle it for you. You just need to pay their salary, train them, and all the other fun things that come with employees.


Depending on your tactics, you’ll then need to have link prospectors, link builders, content writers, webmaster, analytics specialist, and possibly more. All that before mentioning the thousands per month you’ll need to pay for tools...

Outsource your SEO

There’s also the ability to outsource all the work to some random freelancer or agency.

  • They may or may not get results, let alone have your best interests in mind.
  • They may or may not cause more harm than good.
  • They may or may not use pre-built packages that only have a certain chance of getting results.

Are you a gambler?

Join the Agency Partnership

Still here? Great! ❤️

The best option is to become one of our agency partners. You bring us the clients, we do all the work, and you make a nice profit.

But, we’re not just any white label provider. It’s as if you did have your own inhouse SEO team. We value your clients the same way we do our own, with the focus on getting results using our proven systems and processes.