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Google Ads Lead Generation Calculator

I had a call with a prospective client earlier about doing some Google Ads work for them and their clients and I was asked questions that I get asked all the time.”What can we expect to get with this budget?””What will our cost per lead be””What will our cost per click be”And, I gave the […]

10,000 Meals

$1,000 = 10,000 meals Thank you for all who participated in our charity event. Just over the weekend we were able to raise enough money to donate $1,000 to Feeding America which is estimated to be able to provide 10,000 meals to families in need.  

[Updated 2019] Step-By-Step Keyword Research

What goes into keyword research? Which terms should you be targeting? I’ll explain everything: no hidden secrets, no tricks.

Header image with Google logo and hourglass
#1 Google Ranking Factor is… Time?

You read it right, time. Time can have a drastic impact on your search rankings. In fact, it can…

Law Firms: Double Your Monthly Leads

By taking a data-driven approach to marketing your law firm, you can see growth like never before. By taking action on this article, you WILL see results.