CPA Firm Success Story: 
Massive Increase in Clients

Hakim & Co. (MI Tax CPA) is owned by Ramy Hakim. A dedicated CPA & businessman from Michigan.

Hakim & Co. helps individuals and businesses with their financial needs. Including tax planning, new business formations, tax filings, bookkeeping, and more.

Hakim & Co. has aggressive business goals to grow not just within their area, but for the entire state of Michigan. Taking on some much bigger firms.

When we first started to work together, Hakim & Co. had not been in business for long. Their website was also poorly developed and had numerous technical issues.

The firm was wary of marketing agencies, having heard a lot of different things from different people. They were also nervous about engaging in a long-term growth strategy so early in their businesses life.

The firm also opted for us to create a custom-built website which initially put us several weeks behind schedule.

Once the website was built, we got to work on the fundamentals of search marketing: onsite. Which is become increasingly important over the years.

Looking at competitors, we noticed two large opportunities. The other firms in the area lacked information content and their practice and financial information aside from service pages.

So, we started building out TOFU (Top of the funnel) content while acquiring backlinks from powerful websites.

It didn't take long for clients to come pouring into the firm.


Honestly this is exactly what I needed. Both expert and consultant. I don’t know much about tech, seo, etc. This is why i wanted someone trustworthy. Someone who would look out for my best interest.

Ramy Hakim